Dakar Guadaloupe: 100 miles to the finish line

We talked with Nico and Vittorio 2 times today. They’re exhausted, sore, this is a hard test for mind and body.

We can hear from Vittorio’s voice that he’s very tired, they know they have an advantage but nothing is decided, nothing is predictable: the wind is going down, the speed is around 9 knots, 100 miles left. They will do everything possible to make it before the dawn.

“Nothing has been given for granted, we weren’t lucky at all, we had to fight every single meter. This morning we capsized again, and managed to restart again but was difficult. We are really determined, now we’ll have to concentrate and stop the communications. We still don’t know anything, everything could happen.”

And then: ” Thanks to everyone following our story, we know you’re a lot, they told us, thanks a lot for the support. Keep following till the end!”

Tonight is crucial.

That’s it from Feel Good, see you in Guadaloupe.