Standby in Dakar, first tests on FeelGood

Vittorio and Nico Malingri have now been on standby in Dakar for 18 days. They expect good weather conditions in the Atlantic that will guarantee 11/12 days of good wind to beat the record.

After a period of instability from April 5th onwards, we start to see the return of the anticyclone of the Azores, and therefore of the trade winds.

In the meanwhile, Team Malingri is perfecting the details of the boat preparation, food, spare parts and water tests.


Vittorio describes the situation:

“In these days of standby we are resting more than usual. We take advantage of this to check and recheck the preparations. The other day, through a navigation test, we tested the spare rudder, which got unglued during it. Yesterday and today, Nico and Cesare fixed it and therefore we safely packed it up and placed it aboard. 

We are also taking images and videos, but sailing in this gulf is not easy. Its windy and rough, which does not help us, the water is very dirty and full of big seaweed, pieces of wood, nets and other floatable and semi floatable objects that could damage the boat.

The record is generally a balance of factors, including the realization that, in this Africa, you are far from a quick reach of material supplies. In case of major unforeseen damages, we will be poorly put, risking of losing a  good weather opportunity. So all right to proceed with water tests but only the essential ones, therefore sailing only in certain parts of the Hann bay and being very careful.

In the water, we are only interested to check that all maneuvers work well, regain the confidence with the boat, and test the new repairs that we made, that they seem to function well and guarantee a much drier navigation than before.

Unfortunately, Dakar is not a nice place where to wait; there is only one anchorage in front of a beautiful beach that is made impassable by open sewers and tons of waste on the sand. It is a big city, in this part of Africa, and the majority of the people are very poor. The contrast and the awkwardness is the reality of every day.

The majority of the time is spent studying the weather, finding new and more recent forecast maps and making simulations. It seems that around April 5th things start to look up. There seems to be a much more classic and close situation to that we would need. However, there are still several days and everything could change again.

It takes patience, a record is done if there is wind and there is no leaving until it arrives.