Vittorio Malingri and Nico Malingri along with the Citroen Unconventional Team introduce a new season of records on board the Feel Good catamaran.

This Milan navigator has got two records on the Mediterranean and one on the Atlantic under his belt and will be back in the next few months for a race against time in a small, 6-meter, roofless boat.
Vittorio, a pioneer in Italian offshore sailing, will be assisted by his son Nico, class of 1991, and already an expert navigator with tens of thousands of logged miles and great ocean experience.

Their sports calendar is packed full of events: beginning with the presentation of the boat and the new 2016-17 races today at the Milan Idroscalo (seaplane base). The month of June will kick off with a “trial run”: from Santa Maria di Leuca to Preveza (Greece), followed by training in the Ionian Sea and tuning up the cat with the help of Cesare Grassotti (Shore Team). This father-son team will be getting ready to set a reference time next July from Marseille to Tunis, a record that has so far yet to be set by a class F20 boat. Then in mid- September they will take on the Portofino-Giraglia, for the very first time in the history of Italian records. In the first months of 2017, they will be setting their sights on beating the record as a team from Dakar to Guadalupe, the classic route for F20 ocean record setting. The official time they have to beat is 11 days, 11 hours, 25 minutes, held by Pierre-Yves Moreau and Benoît Lequin from France. Finally, in August 2017, the Feel Good will participate in the Centomiglia del Garda on Garda Lake in northern Italy, a non-competitive fleet race that is the polar opposite of what the boat and crew have been designed and trained for. And this is exactly why it is going to be a great race.

At the presentation in Milan, the Malingris will work alongside other members of the Citroen Unconventional Team (CUT): Matteo Iachino, windsurfer; Tony Cili, kitesufer; Alberto Maffei, snowboarder; Alessandro Marciano, surfer; and Jacopo Carozzi and Iuri Furdui, skaters.

“Being unconventional means being yourself,” says Nico Malingri, “freeing yourself from what’s fashionable, following your own path, even if that path doesn’t even exist yet. More than me choosing this sport, this sport chose me. We’re old friends: we get on great together”.

Vittorio Malingri, “I’ve always lived following my dreams, trying to create the future that I wanted. Using my head, but also my heart to make my choices, without being afraid of going off the beaten path. Today, I’m continuing on this long journey, leaving and coming back, surrounded by nature and the people of the world, without ever stopping long enough to consider it over. When you cross the oceans on a small, non-liveaboard boat, you rediscover the primordial relationship between man and the sea”.

These initiatives are backed by Citroen, their main partner, and OneSails, their technical partner.